August 13, 2022
Android Data Recovery

9 Best Software for Android Data Recovery

This is where Android data recovery software steps in. It is always painful to lose a file, no matter what the reason. You might have lost data on your Android or iOS due to accidental deletion, missing backup, rooting errors and memory card malfunctioning.

What if you discover that you can’t find a file important on your phone? Is there a way you can get it back?

What is the Android Data Recovery Software?

This is because deleting a file does not erase all its data. Android will mark that space empty and treat the file as missing. You cannot view the file and can overwrite it with new files. If the space is taken up by original files, your file can be considered lost.

You cannot retrieve deleted data from Android phones that don’t have a recycle container. Android data recovery software is available to save your files. To locate recoverable data, the software can scan the Android phone memory to find pages marked with 0

The tool also combines the data recovered and gives it a salvageable format. Data recovery tools should be used as soon as the file is deleted to increase the chances of recovering data.

There are usually three steps involved in recovering data:

  • Connecting the device to a computer with the recovery software installed successfully
  • Selecting the file type, followed by scanning
  • Select the files you want and recover the data

Here are some software options to recover data from Android devices.

Tenorshare UltData

Tenorshare has been rated as one of the most effective Android data recovery programs. It boasts the best success rate in the market and can be used with more than 6000 devices including Oppo, Xiaomi and Huawei.

It is easy to retrieve deleted photos or WhatsApp messages from your phone without root. It can even recover voice, documents, and videos from your phone without root. WhatsApp.

Tenorshare is able to help you retrieve important contacts, photos from the gallery and call records. Rooting your device is necessary for this.

Data recovery is possible in scenarios like:

  • Accidental deletion
  • Water damage
  • OS crash
  • Screen is broken
  • System root

Both internal and external memory can be used to recover data. The file can be viewed before it is saved. This tool is secure and read-only. There is no risk of data loss or information leakage.

iToolab RecoverGo

RecoverGo is an Android data recovery tool. It can recover photos, videos and audios as well as messages, attachments, contact information, call logs, and other data.

RecoverGo makes it easy to scan and recover deleted or lost Android data. It supports Android 12 OS, 6000+ devices, such as Samsung, Motorola, LG and HTC, Sony, Google, Sony, Google, etc.

RecoverGo will instantly retrieve your phone data regardless of whether your phone freezes on the Android screen or you have forgotten your password, deleted data accidentally, or your phone is damaged. RecoverGo can locate deleted files from both internal memory and SD cards. You can also preview files before recovering, which saves time and helps you to avoid making mistakes. High success rate and 100% safety.


Apeaksoft Android data recovery makes it easy to recover your deleted and lost data from android phones and tablets. You can retrieve all your files including contacts, text messages, call history, photos and documents. With a USB cable, you can backup and manage your Android data from your Mac or Windows computer.

Android Data Recovery can help you recover data from any situation, including a system crash or accidental deletion. Apeaksoft works with over 5000 Android devices.

You can also backup your Android data, and reboot your Android phone. This powerful and easy-to-use software ensures that you can quickly and safely recover your data. You can preview all data before you restore them so that you can decide which data to retrieve.

Apeaksoft can help you recover videos and messages from Android devices that have been damaged. After installing the software, connect your Android device using a USB cable. Then, you can start recovering data. You can choose to subscribe for one month or for a lifetime on a single PC. A multi-user license allows you to access lifetime service on 3 computers. You also get a 30-day money back guarantee.


It can open a variety of file formats, including Excel, Word and PPT. HTML, PDF, RAR and ZIP are all supported. The software can recover all data regardless of whether they were lost because of accidental damage, OS crash or SD issues, flashing, virus attack, or SD issues.

Software versions ranging from 2.3 to 9.0 are available for more than 6000 Android phones. These features are not the only ones offered by the software. The software also supports data extraction from Android phones that have been damaged, as well as backup and restore.


Dr.fone data retrieval software claims to be world’s first company that offers data recovery services for personal use. It is the market leader for more than 8 years and supports over 6000 Android devices. Even broken Samsung smartphones can be extracted.

This program can recover a variety of file types including music, video, contacts, texts, photos, documents, WhatsApp messages, and videos. This tool can help you recover lost data regardless of the situation.

Dr.Fone allows you to scan files and preview them before recovering any data. There are three options for data recovery: internal storage, broken device and SD cards.


DBack makes it easy to retrieve deleted data from Android tablets or smartphones. Even broken phones can be used to retrieve them. This software can be used to access multiple Android phones and file types including call logs and messages as well as photos, audio and videos, contacts, documents and WhatsApp data.


Easy-to-use EaseUS will quickly recover deleted files like contact, text messages and videos. It supports over 6000 Android devices including Samsung, LG and HTC, Sony as well as OnePlus, Asus and OnePlus.

Software can retrieve files from SD cards or internal memory if they are lost due to accidental damage, virus attack device failure, rooting errors, SD card problems, SD card issues, rooting, or improper device handling. It is easy to connect your device and scan for files that have been lost. You can then retrieve the files you need in minutes.

EaseUS protects data privacy and security without overwriting it. It also offers lifetime upgrades, so you can always get the latest version. You can also seek technical support free of charge if you have any difficulties.

You can preview and filter the data to determine the quality of the recovery files. You can also track any changes as the software sends notifications to your device’s notification centre.


PhoneRescue can retrieve deleted data and bring it back to your phone. It can find deleted data regardless of whether you root your phone.

PhoneRescue can recover different types of data from your smartphone, including WhatsApp attachments and data. PhoneRescue uses customized technology to recover files from each tablet and smartphone.

The software can also save your device if it is locked with a pattern, password, fingerprint, or other security feature, without losing any data.

Disk Drill

7 Data Recovery is now Disk Drill and uses powerful technology to retrieve data from Android devices. It’s easy to use and completely free. You can recover your data from Android devices that have been deleted accidentally or corrupted.

This software can recover files from documents, apps and music files. It can also retrieve videos, databases, emails, photos, and other files. After activating the Mass Storage mode on your Android device, you will be able to retrieve data from your computer. Open the software, scan for lost files, and then recover them. Root your device if you don’t have this option.

This software can not only retrieve data from your Android smartphone, but also from Android tables or TV boxes.

Wrapping up

It is a very painful experience to lose data, especially if you don’t have the means to do so permanently. It happens, but don’t worry. The above-mentioned Android data recovery software can help restore your files. Data recovery software is fast, safe, and efficient no matter what file type you lost.

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