August 13, 2022
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13 Best Transcription Software to Convert Audio to Text

Any way to reduce the amount of work is a good idea. That’s why transcription software is so useful. These tools will prove to be extremely helpful, regardless of whether you need your audios to be converted to text for vlogging or podcast education, journalism, and any other purpose.

This would be a time-consuming and extremely difficult task that would increase your workload. Transcribing audios is a tedious task that you don’t want.

Here are some benefits to transcribing audios into text.

Search engines can help you find your content

If you are a vlogger and don’t provide subtitles for your videos then you are missing out on an opportunity to share your content with more people. YouTube and other search engines can crawl your keywords by transcribing your audio into text.

Diversification helps you reach a wider audience

There are many people in the world with different preferences and tastes. The same goes for those who prefer reading to watching videos. Converting audios into text allows you to target them directly and enhance your marketing efforts.

Accessibility of your content is increased

A text version of the audio or video can be greatly beneficial for people who are deaf or have hearing impairments. Smartphones and other devices today have accessibility tools that can be used for the same purpose. It’s a win-win situation.

It makes it easy to distribute

Text distribution channels are more common than audio. Furthermore, text uses less bandwidth. You can convert audio files from podcasts, instructional videos, journalism audios or other audio sources into text. Then you can distribute them in various formats, including eBooks, emails and white papers.


Rev does not offer software, but is an exceptional service with many talented transcriptionists. The cost for the transcript is $1.25 per minute. It will be delivered in 12 hours with 99 percent accuracy. This saves you time and allows you to upload the audio file.

After your transcript has been delivered, you have the option to edit it and share it with others. You can also integrate it with Google Drive or Dropbox to speed up your workflow.

Some great companies have praised Rev, including Spotify, Forbes and CNBC.


Amberscript is loved by Microsoft, Netflix, Disney and other companies. It provides high-quality audio and video transcription services.

This intelligent tool uses AI speech recognition to convert audio and video into text or subtitles. Their online text editor allows you to make 100% accurate results.

You can choose to have the AI tool automatically transcribe or to work with a professional transcriptionist. The automatic tool is best for short-term projects. Manual transcription is ideal for long-term work.

Amberscript offers competitive pricing and fast turnaround. It also complies with GDPR security requirements.


Nuance is more like a speech to text software, but it can also be used for transcribing. There are many versions of Nuance that you can choose from, depending on your specific needs. It offers plans for professionals, individuals, and law enforcement.

You can also use it as a great productivity tool, because you can control every area of it using your voice. It will obey all your commands without you even having to say anything.

It is committed to helping you create beautiful documents and taking the pain out.


Transcribe can convert audio/video podcasts, lectures, interviews, calls and other audio/video formats into text. It supports over 60 languages.

It won’t take long to transcribe the entire file if there is minimal background noise. If the file is not audible, the tool can play it and dictate the audio with your voice. The tool will then convert it into text.

You can use their manual transcription mode if you don’t have the right tools to produce crisp results. The manual mode includes workflow tools that allow you to slow down audio and loop it. You can also use it with a foot-pedal to save a lot of time.

Transcribe is a secure program that protects your entire transcribed data. You can use it with no worries.


Trint can convert your audio into 31 languages of text. It is both great for personal and professional use. Simply import the file to be transcribed and each word will turn into text. After that, you can easily edit it to make sure it is 100% accurate.

Further options include adding markers, assigning speaker names, searching for specific words, and leaving reminders via comments in sections. After the final result has been processed, it can be exported in Word Doc or CSV. It also allows you to share the final result with your team members for simple collaboration.


oTranscribe, an online tool that is completely free and open-source, is great for those who don’t want to spend money on paid software. It is fast and easy to use, with some amazing features, even though it doesn’t have a price tag.

These are the main features of this tool for free:

  • Export to Google Docs or Markdown.
  • Interactive timestamps allow for navigation through the transcript easily
  • You can pause, rewind and move forward from your keyboard.
  • Video file support with an integrated player

oTranscribe saves every change automatically so that you won’t lose your transcript if the internet is interrupted. It is important to note that all data remains private and secure.

Express Scribe

Express Scribe comes in both a PRO and a free edition. It has everything you need to quickly transcribe audios. Their keyboard hotkeys, and pedal support for transcribing, will make it much easier to work with.

You can use it to open a variety of formats, including encrypted text files. It also allows you to load audios from CDs and then work on them as they load.

If you have the software set up to send the transcription to your client automatically, it will do so once the transcription is complete.

Express Scribe can integrate with Microsoft Word, FastFox text expander, and even HTML-to-speech tools.


Temi is trusted by more than 10,000 users. It can be used to transcribe your audio for as low as $0.25 per minute. It was built by experts in speech recognition and machine learning .

The tool includes speaker identification, custom timestamps and an easy editing tool to improve the transcripts. You can also download the mobile app for IOS or Android to record audio and order transcripts while on the move.

Temi is free to try. You will receive a transcript for 45 minutes and have access to all the features. It is a great way to test the tool before you commit to paying for a job.

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Descript provides great accuracy and flexible collaboration options that ensure perfect transcription every time. You can have your task completed in 24 hours for a mere $2/minute. Descript, like other solutions on this list keeps your data private and secure.

These are just a few of the features that this tool offers:

  • Auto-save and sync progression
  • Sync files to your cloud storage
  • To blend your media with transcriptions already done, import them for free
  • You can add timestamps and speaker labels to your customizing software.

Sign up now to get started and try out the features for free.


For their transcription needs, companies like Zoom, Dropbox and IBM use Oter. You can record audio directly from your phone, or you can use a web browser to transcribe it right away. It can do more than simply transcription. It can also add speaker ID, images, key phrases, and notes.

To collaborate on transcriptions, you can create a group by adding members. You can also save a lot time by:

  • Search for keywords in the transcript and then jump to them
  • Playback can be accelerated or skipped to jump directly into the main discussion.
  • Training Otter to recognize specific voices in order to quickly reference the future

Sign up now to get 600 minutes of transcription free! It’s pretty tempting, I would say.


Sonix is fast, free, and automatic for the first 30 mins. It is extremely easy to use and produces accurate results that require very little editing.

Every line of text has timestamps so that you can quickly refer to the points. A powerful text editor is also available to help you edit your text and polish it up if necessary.

It also has automatic speech recognition, speaker recognition and noise cancellation. Additionally, it can understand more than 35 languages, as well as dialects and variations.


Audext, a web program that automatically transcribes audios, is an amazing tool. You can either get it for $12/hour or $5 with their subscription plan.

It includes all the features you need to make a transcription software tool great, including:

  • Speaker identification
  • Various audio format support
  • Built-in editor
  • Progress in auto-save
  • Recognition of voices in background noise
  • Each block of text has a Timestamp beside it

Audext is also easy to use and makes it very simple to complete the entire process.

Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe is great for transcription and subtitles. It supports more than 60 languages, in which you can convert audio to text. You can bring your team members (e.g. editors and proofreaders) into the platform to enjoy a seamless collaboration process.

You can also assign speaker names and create vocabulary. Additionally, the API allows you to use third-party tools to streamline the process. Your transcript will be flawless and include proper punctuation.

Happy Scribe’s Trustpilot rating is 4.7/5 stars. This is a remarkable score for any tool. They also have glowing reviews.


The above options offer the best of both the software and the service to do transcription. It will free you from a lot of work by automating this task. This is regardless of which solution you choose.

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