August 13, 2022
Download YouTube Playlist

Check Out How to Download YouTube Playlist Using IDM

Are you interested in knowing how to download a YouTube playlists with IDM? If so, this article is for you. If you’re looking for free entertainment or information on a variety of topics, YouTube is a great source. The only drawback that you will encounter with YouTube is that users will need to be connected to the Internet connection to stream the videos, as the content can’t be downloaded to your personal computer. YouTube only permits downloading the content onto your smartphone.

What if I told you that you can stream YouTube videos offline using your personal computer? You just need to be aware of the best way to download YouTube playlists with the help of IDM? IDM stands for Internet Download Manager. This tool can download anything you want on the Internet.

How do I Download YouTube Playlists Using IDM?

Let’s get started with the download process to download Youtube videos with Internet Download Manager.

Method 1.

  • Install IDM
  • Make sure that for the IDM shortcut to be displayed in the browser.
  • You can stream this video via YouTube which you would like to download
  • There is an IDM box appearing at the top right corner of the Youtube video.
  • Click it to open.
  • A dropdown menu will be displayed from which you can select the quality of video to download.
  • After you’ve made the choice, the program will ask you whether you wish to install the program immediately or later. Select the latter option.
  • This method lets you download a single video at one time. If you want to download the entire playlist, the following procedure is the best option for you.

Method 2.

  • Find the link for the YouTube playlist by entering the address bar.
  • Create the HTML code for the playlist.
  • Upload those videos to IDM
  • Start downloading
  • Watch and open at any time or later from the folder in which they were saved.

Broken down to the Entire Process

Step 1.

  • Go to YouTube, then go to the playlist you wish to download.
  • Copy the URL from the browser

Step 2.

  • Open YouTube Multi Downloader online tool
  • Copy the link and paste it into your browser.
  • The tool will aggregate every video that is available to download with the resolution and format that is offered.
  • Pick as per your needs
  • Uncheck or check the options for ‘Add prefix order number’ and ‘Automally reduce quality if there isn’t one’
  • Copy the code you have generated by clicking on the right side of your mouse, or pressing CTRL+C

Step 3.

  • Visit IDM
  • Click on the ‘Tasks’ tab
  • Click on ‘Add batch downloading’ from the clipboard
  • A pop-up will be displayed will show all the videos from the playlist.
  • Click on the button ‘Check All’ or select the ones you want from all choices
  • Enter OK.
  • A second window will pop up which will ask you to select a the queue you want to select.
  • Select the “Main download queue” or create an existing queue by pressing the button ‘+.
  • Enter ‘OK’

Step 4.

  • Click on the button that says “Start Queue”
  • Click on ‘Start Main download queue’

5. Step

  • Click on “Options”
  • Click on Save to’
  • Select the category you want to use in your video
  • By putting the directory input box’ and be able to see the direction
  • Follow the directions on your computer to view the videos.

Method 3.

  • Open YouTube , and then go to the playlist that you wish to download.
  • Copy the link
  • The Open Ddownr
  • Copy the link
  • Select the quality you’d like to download your playlist.
  • The site will create the zip file
  • Get the file with IDM and extract the file on your personal computer.

These are the most efficient and simple methods to download the entire YouTube playlist to your computer. Once you’ve figured out how to download a YouTube playlists using IDM, give it a test and then share your experiences with us. Feel free to ask questions or clarify any doubts. You can also make suggestions in the comments below.

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