September 25, 2022
Real VPN Location

How to Check Your Real VPN Location?

Check Your Real VPN Location – Find an VPN You will discover a myriad of VPN providers boasting that they have an extensive network of servers that spans across the globe. A majority of VPN providers offer a precise number as well. Private Internet Access, for example, claims the company has VPN servers throughout 33 different countries. NordVPN boasts that it has 5000 servers. However, Express VPN boasts of having more than 3000 servers.

Undoubtedly, having servers spread all over the world offers advantages of its own. The more locations you have to you and the better the chance you’ll be able to unlock content and websites blocked by geo-location.

If, for instance, you are looking to watch an online series accessible only to South Korea, having a VPN that has servers in the country will assist you.

Furthermore If you choose a VPN has servers that are closer to your place of residence it will allow you to enjoy higher performance.

However, all of this is speculation.

The truth is far from it.

Although your preferred VPN provider offers many servers available on maps, these could not be as they appear. It is strongly recommended to take an examination of VPN reviews before settling on one.

Finding the Right VPN Server

The things aren’t always as they appear. The VPN server may not be located in exactly the same country that your provider states. However there are methods you can determine the issue by yourself.

Find your IP address in the internet.

There are numerous websites online that will provide you with the current IP address along with its location, and other.

One of these websites is which will assist you find the VPN location by analyzing an IP address. All you have for is to join the VPN server, then visit this website and you’ll be able to locate your IPv4 as well as IPv6 and the local IP addresses, as well as your ISP.

It is vital to point out the fact that geolocation determined using this method isn’t always 100% accurate, since the location suggested may be 200 miles from the actual position.

However you’ll be able to come up with an idea. It is also possible to explore other options. is another service online that assists you find your current whereabouts.

If the results of each of these servers reveal the identical country and the same country, it is likely that you’re VPN server is situated in that country. If you do get different results, it’s likely that you’ll experience the same issues online.

Your VPN is able to work on certain websites, but not on other sites, based on the method they use to detect your server’s geographical location.

Send a message to the IP address

To determine whether your VPN is situated somewhere other than where it is claimed, you will need to employ this method.

Here, you need to connect to an VPN address, then visit After doing this, you’ll be have the ability to locate your IP address as well as your current location.

Copy the IP address , then paste into the box ‘ping’ near the top. Then press Go.

If the page displays 100% loss, and the site was not able to reach the IP address, then you be required input the VPN server’s name. The server’s name on the site of the provider. If you’re not able to locate it, reach out to their support team to obtain the necessary information.

The website will ping you IP address in over 30 locations all over the world. The less time this site uses to connect to your IP address, the closer the location of your VPN server located to the location. This can give you some information about the exact location that you are using the location of your VPN server.

Let’s say that you connect via an Israel server. The lowest ping values are revealed as New York (1.3), San Francisco (25.88) and Chicago (20.1). This indicates that the virtual server’s location is located in the US but it’s allocated to an Israel server’s IP.

It could also have a deeper significance. Because the server is in Israel according to your service provider that you will experience higher performance when located in Israel. However, it’s been discovered that the performance is the most efficient when you’re situated in New York. It all depends on the circumstances but.

The Last Words

It is obvious that determining where exactly you are located on your VPN server can tell you the performance of their and service, as well as how it will benefit you.

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