September 25, 2022
Clear Clipboard

How to Clear Clipboard in Windows 10

If you copy information on Windows 10 computers, the copied content remains on your Windows 10 computer, the copied content is available in the Clipboard and is accessible by anyone who has access your computer. Therefore, let’s explore how to clear Clipboard on the Windows 10 Computer.

Why is it necessary to clear the Clipboard is required in Windows 10

The term “clipboard” can refer to an exclusive or designated storage area in RAM utilized by computers to store data on a short-term basis.

When you copy text images or other types of data to your computer by using this (Ctrl+C) command the data is saved in the Clipboard. The information is accessible even after you’ve completed the Paste command.

This is why the data that is stored on the clipboard of your computer could become an issue for security when you use an open computer or your computer is accessible by other. This is particularly true in the event that you have the tendency of copying and paste passwords or other data that is sensitive on your computer.

Thus, it makes sense to begin an habit of clearing your Clipboard as soon as you’ve completed working on your Computer.

Clear Clipboard Windows 10

There are a variety of ways to remove your Clipboard in the Windows 10 computer and you are able to use any of the options explained below.

1. Copy Other Content

The clipboard on your computer stores one-time data only, you can copy other content that is not sensitive or personal in the sense of its nature.

For instance, let us imagine that you are working in a sensitive Microsoft Word Document. It is possible to eliminate the possibilities of having any sensitive information remaining on the Clipboard simply by copying just one word or other information that isn’t important, and isn’t sensitive or confidential or sensitive in any manner.

In this way, you’ll be replacing any sensitive data stored on the Clipboard with a random phrase or unimportant data that is not able to be misused by anyone.

2. Print Screen

The Screen Screen key on your keyboard of your computer is an alternative method to clear the Clipboard from the Windows 10 computer. This will replace any sensitive data on Clipboard by taking a screen snapshot from your Desktop.

3. Restart your computer

Even though it is difficult, restarting your PC is another option to clear the Clipboard on an Windows 10 computer.

Sincethe information stored in the Clipboard is stored in the RAM memory, restarting your computer erases this temporary information from your system.

4. Create Shortcuts to Clear Clipboard

If you are in the need frequently to empty the Clipboard You may wish to create a shortcut for the screen of your PC to aid you in clearing your Clipboard in Windows 10. Windows 10 computer.

1. Right-click anywhere (Empty space) on the screen in the Windows 10 Computer. This will trigger a contextual menu that appears on your desktop PC.

2. In the Contextual menu, click”New” (1) followed by select Shortcut (2) in the side menu that pops up (See the image below)

3. Next, type cmd echo off. Then, select the clip as the destination for the shortcut. Click on Next (See the image below)

4. On the next screen, type any name as the shortcut and hit the Finish button.

5. You should be in a position to see your Clear Clipboard shortcut icon created on the desktop of your computer.

In the previous picture, the shortcut appears like it’s a Command Prompt window. If you’re feeling like changing the appearance of this shortcut by following the steps listed below.

1. Right-click on the Clipboard shortcut Icon and then click Properties in the context menu (See the image below).

2. On the Clipboard Properties screen, click the Change Icon… button, and then choose an acceptable icon that matches this particular shortcut (See the image below)

How to Make Use of Clear Clipboard Shortcut

Let’s now examine the procedure to clear Clipboard on Windows 10 using the Clear Clipboard Shortcut that we designed in the previous.

1. Copy some Content and paste it into the Notepad or Word Document.

The information you copied is visible on the Clipboard, and is accessible by anyone with access your computer.

2. Next, double-click on the Clear Clipboard shortcut. Then, you will see the Black Screen popping up and disappearing off the computer’s screen.

3. Now, try to paste (Ctrl+V) the clipboard’s contents into the Notepad or Microsoft Word Document.

There is no evidence that anything will be copied on the document, which is a sign that the “Clear clipboard” shortcut is functioning in the Windows 10 computer.

The general idea is to ensure that you clear the Clipboard from the Windows 10 computer. This eliminates the possibility of confidential or sensitive information being stored in the Clipboard of your PC.

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