August 13, 2022
Firestick Remote

How To Find Lost Firestick Remote

This is a comprehensive list of scenarios that allow you to make use of the Fire TV Stick after losing the FireStick remote. Let’s get begin. Are you trying to locate the remote for your firestick that was lost? “It’s likely in the mattress” That’s the usual reaction you’d receive after you’ve forgotten any remote, including the the remote for Fire TV Stick. After searching all over, you’re unable to find the Firestick remote. Don’t worry, not all hope is gone. There are still some great techniques that will allow you to locate your missing Fire TV Stick even without the physical remote.

Understanding Issue

Fire TV Stick works on an internet connection. After you have set up the device initially, you’ll then make use of the remote to go to the interface in order to save your WiFi credentials to the device. But, if you have lost your remote it will not be able to connect to the internet. Fire TV Stick will continue to power on and connects with the Internet. But due to the lack of a remote, you are unable to accomplish anything.

The situation gets more complicated in the event that you depart from your domain . This could occur if you carry the FireStick to a new location and don’t know where to find it at home, or if you’ve lost it. I attempted to solve the issue and have listed some ways to make use of your FireStick should you ever lose or misplaced the Fire TV Stick remote.

How to Find Your Firestick Remote

Situation 1: Firestick Remote Is Lost In The House

If you don’t know that you can utilize your smartphone to manage as well as navigate around the FireStick. If you’re on the same network that your firestick is linked to that network. It is then possible to connect to the application and launch it with your mobile phone to use it as a remote that is fully functional.

At first, install the Fire TV application by navigating to the Play Store and using the Store app. Store. After downloading and installing the application, you can open it in the drawer of apps. If you’re connected to the same network the firestick will pop up in the application automaticallywithout needing a login. Once you’ve clicked on the Fire TV Stick on your phone, it’ll ask you to enter a 4-digit PIN in the application.

The code will be displayed on the TV. enter the code and join to the Fire TV remote application to your FireStick.

It’s all setup. The device is a electronic remote that works with the FireStick and you are able to swipe over the blank space to mimic the arrow keys, and select. You can switch to settings, make use of Alexa or input URLs using the built-in keyboard and more, by using the remote application.

This app can be the most suitable alternative for older remotes and you can make use of it any time you are unable to locate your remote.

Situation 2: If You Are Able to Leave Your Home

Connecting the mobile app to Fire TV Stick Fire TV Stick was simple because it was connected to your home Wi-Fi. But, if you’re out of the house and you’ve forgotten your Firestick remote Don’t worry…

One mobile device should serve as a remote of the Firestick and an additional device that acts as an internet hotspot. Unfortunately, the name of the hotspot on iPhone cannot be changed, therefore I’d suggest you utilize an Windows PC, Mac computer, or an Android smartphone that has a functioning WiFi connection.

Install your Fire TV app on your smartphone, and then sign into the app using your Amazon credentials, and then put it in a safe place. Another step is vital for making the whole procedure work. It’s our goal to make a hotspot for Wifi with the same credentials you use to connect to your home’s Wifi. The Wifi password and name are case-sensitive. Therefore, you need to create the hotspot.

Create a hotspot with that same password, or the name that your firestick was previously connected to. After that you can join the Fire TV Stick to the TV and turn it on. It will be able to connect with the Wifi hotspot on its own. Connect the other device on the same WiFi network.

Then you need to do is your Fire TV Stick can automatically appear when you use the Fire TV remote through the hotspot that you’ve made. But, you’ll also be able to change the WiFi in the meantime in case you’re trying to connect the FireStick at the new location.

Go into the Settings on the Fire TV Stick Then, go to Network and select to connect the Wifi Network > input the password.

Situation 3: Use an older-generation Firestick Remote

Amazon Fire TV Stick also has the old compatibility. This means that you can use the older remote for your Fire TV Stick. You can then use the remote as your primary. The older-gen remote doesn’t include some buttons, therefore if you’re trying to use an earlier-gen remote with the 4K Firestick you’ll miss the buttons. However it operates in the same way.

If you’d like to pair an older model remote to the latest FireStick. Just hold and press the Home. After that, hold the left or back arrow keys simultaneously for a few seconds then reboot your FireStick. The most recent remote will automatically pair once you restart.

Situation 4 Use the TV’s remote to control FireStick

Some Smart TVs are equipped with Consumer Electronics Control or HDMI-CEC. It’s an interface which lets you control electronic devices connected to your TV via HDMI by using the remote control for your TV. It’s a vital feature that will ensure you’re not able to utilize different remotes, or even you lose one.

Certain TVs have this feature on by default, however, it’s just to ensure. We’ll verify before proceeding further. Every TV manufacturer has utilizes this feature in different ways, therefore you’ll need look up the exact name. For example, Philips calls it EasyLink, LG calls it SimpLink, Hitachi calls it HDMI-CEC, Sony calls it Bravia Sync and so on. Look for an HDMI CEC option in the TV’s settings, and then turn on it. Now you can make use of the arrow keys on your TV to navigate to the Firestick.

Situation 5 5. Make use of Mouse or Keyboard FireStick

You can also connect the Fire TV Stick with a mobile, an old remote or even a smart remote for TV. It is not necessary to use keyboard or mouse for navigation on the FireStick apart from the fact that you prefer to surf the internet using the web browser you have installed. FireStick remotes don’t provide much for browsing the web with a browser. It is also possible to attach an additional mouse using the mini USB divider available from Amazon.


These are some strategies you can try if you’ve lost the Fire TV Stick remote. The official app won’t work in areas that are far of your house. You can also alter the Wifi after you’ve followed the above methods and have the device operate even without the remote. If none of these solutions are working for you, then your only option is to purchase a new one on Amazon for just $29. What do you think or feel on this? Tell us below.

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