September 24, 2022
Contact Names Missing

How to Fix Contact Names Missing On iPhone

Sometimes, contact numbers be missing from iPhone that shows just numbers, and not even names. Below are various ways to resolve the issue of Contact Names missing on iPhone messages.

1. Switch iMessages off/ON

The issue with Contact Names missing on iPhone could be caused by minor glitches in the Messages application. It is usually fixed with a restart of iMessages.

1.1. Open Settings > Messages > turn OFF iMessage.

1.2. Restart your iPhone.

1.3. Open Settings > Messages > turn ON iMessage.

2. Edit Any Contact

Launch your Contacts App using the iPhone to make a small change to one of your Contacts. This action resets the database of Contacts and can fix the issue of Contact Names not being displayed on iPhone.

2.1. Open the Contacts app on your iPhone and tap on any contact name.

2.2. On the screen for Contacts information click on the Edit option. Make any minor changes.

You can make any minor modification, like adding something to the notes section. Tap on Done.

This will refresh the contacts databases on the iPhone and often solve the issue of missing Contact names on your iPhone in messages.

3. To toggle Contacts ON/OFF in the default Email Account

The issue with Contacts not showing in the Message Notification for iPhone iPhone could be due to a glitch with synchronizing Contacts between your email Account and your iPhone.

3.1. Open Settings > click on Accounts and Passwords.

3.2. On the Accounts and Password screen, click on your email account that you have set as your default (Gmail, Hotmail, iCloud etc.)

3.3. On the Account Info screen slide the slider adjacent to Contacts to an off position.

3.4. Restart your iPhone.

3.5. Open Settings > Accounts & Passwords > tap default Email Account.

3.6. On the next screen, shift the slider to Contacts to the ON position.

4. To toggle Contacts ON/OFF in iCloud.

If you’re iPhone is set to sync Contacts with iCloud switching iCloud Contacts ON/OFF can solve the issue of Contact Names not being present on iPhone.

4.1. Open Settings > tap on your Apple ID.

4.2. On the Apple ID screen, tap on iCloud.

4.3. On the screen of iCloud, shift the slider to the right of Contacts to the off position.

4.4. Restart your iPhone.

4.5. Open Settings > tap on Apple ID > iCloud > enable Contacts from iCloud.

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