August 13, 2022
Hide Apps on Android

How to Hide Apps on Android: 3 Methods

No one wants other people to look into their Android phones and open any app. How to hide apps on Android and protect your phone from prying eyes.

Each Android phone comes pre-installed with many apps. As you continue to use it, it will only get more. These apps can contain sensitive and personal information.

Even if your phone is password protected, you may need to allow certain people access it. This could include your spouse, children, parents, siblings, and your spouse. But, this does not mean that you have to compromise your privacy.

Android users have access to a greater number of customization options than iPhone owners. Android users have many options when it comes hiding apps.

This blog will cover both manual and third-party methods to hide apps on Android.

There are several scenarios when you need to hide apps on Android phone

Users may have a variety of reasons to hide an app from your Android phone in order to protect their data. A person can choose to hide apps for a variety of reasons.

There may be family members that don’t value your privacy. You may not want your parents to see photos of you. You may also have apps that you do not think are suitable for your children.

Other than these, certain apps may contain sensitive and personal information, such as financial data, business secrets or intellectual property. These information should not be lost or stolen.

Bloatware is a common problem on Android devices. Many of these apps make it difficult for you to find the app that you are looking for. These apps can also be installed in the background, slowing down your device.

We often have to hide certain Android apps. The following section will discuss the best ways to hide apps on Android.

Disable System Apps or Pre-Installed Apps

No matter what Android phone you have, there are likely to be a few pre-installed apps. These apps may not be necessary. Many smartphone manufacturers provide the option to disallow pre-installed applications.

This will not delete the app from your Android phone, but it will hide it from the app drawer to stop it running in the background.

Go to the Settings section of your Android device to disable an app. Clicking on the Gear icon visible in the notification shade is the easiest way to do this. To open the full list of apps, search for Apps and Apps & Notifications.

Select and then open the apps you wish to hide. To temporarily disable the app, tap Disable button. If necessary, you can also enable disabled apps later.

The method you use may differ depending on the model of your device. You might uninstall an app if you are unable disable it.

Use the Password Protect App or Secure Folders built-in

Samsung Android phone users can use the Secure Folder feature to hide their apps from other users. You can store private and sensitive apps in a password protected Android app folder. To protect the apps in this folder, you can enable password and PIN pattern, PININ, fingerprint, or Iris.

You can lock individual apps with certain Android devices using a number or pattern password. You will need to enter the password or pattern again each time you want access an app after you lock it. The apps will remain secure from unwelcome access.

Hidden Apps Can Be Hided by Third-Party Apps

These methods may not be applicable to your situation or you might not find them useful. You can also use the following apps in addition to the ones above:

Nova Launcher Prime

Nova Launcher Prime is an alternative to the default launcher app for Android phones. It’s a custom launcher that can be used on Android. It comes with all the necessary and advanced features of an launcher and also hides sensitive and unnecessary apps.

You can remove any app from your Android phone and move them to the app drawer. Select Nova Settings, then select App and widget drawers. Next, tap on Hide apps to select the apps that you wish to be hidden from the Android app drawer.

App Hider

App Hider allows you to hide apps downloaded from Google Play Store. This includes Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Telegram.

You can also use this app to clone other apps from one device. This app allows you to delete the original app and clone it.

This app will function as a calculator and be visible to all. The App Hider home screen will appear after you have entered the correct password.

App Hider by 2 Face Studio

App Hider: Hide apps is a way to hide certain apps from your friends and family. This app allows you to hide your apps and clone them. Once the apps have been cloned on your phone, you can delete all original apps and only use the cloned one.

This app icon and interface also look like a calculator. It is not obvious that you are hiding apps here.

Smart Store App Hider

App Hider – Hide Apps App hider allows you to hide Android apps, videos, and photos. You can hide applications by hiding them with passcodes to protect your privacy.

After installing the app you will need to import the apps that you wish to hide and then delete the original apps. You can now launch hidden apps using App Hider. No one can see those apps in your App drawer. It supports fingerprint lock, passwords, patterns, as well as fingerprint locks.

Wrapping up

Hidden apps on Android are often a necessity to keep children and other people from having access to them. Here are a few ways to hide apps on Android.

For manual app hiding on your phone, you can use the third-party apps listed here.

To protect your smartphone against manual snooping, security applications can be used to protect it from spyware, malicious and third-party data trackers.

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