September 27, 2022
how to make one page landscape in word

How to Make One Page Landscape in Word Document

Can you create one page Landscape in a Word Document while all the remaining pages of this document remain in portrait orientation? Let’s explore how to create a single-page Landscape within Microsoft Word.

Create a One-Page Landscape in Word Document

To illustrate this article, let’s imagine that you have approximately 10 pages of the format of a Microsoft Word Document and find the Page 2 or even a portion of the information on page 2 looks more appealing in Landscape Mode.

This goal can be accomplished by converting page 2 to Landscape Mode while allowing the remaining pages to be displayed in Portrait mode.

Although you might think of this task as simple however, it’s not. If you’re not comfortable with sections break in Microsoft Word, you will be unable to figure out the steps needed to create One Page Landscape in Word Document.

How to Create one Page of Landscapes in Word documents

Follow the steps below to create one-page Landscape in a Microsoft Word Document.

1. Open the Word Document and then place your cursor on the starting point of the document you want to turn in Landscape mode.

To flip Page 2 to Landscape mode the Cursor must be placed at the start of Page 2.

2. Once your Cursor is at the correct place and you are in the right place, select Layout > breaks > next page in order to add an area break (Next Page Break) at the very top of the Page you wish to turn in Landscape Mode.

NOTE: To view section breaks, switch on Page Break Markers by selecting Home > Show/Hide Page Breaks icon. You will not be able to see the next page break marker without the Page Break Marker switched ON.

3. Now, place the Cursor near the end of page 2. Click to Layout, Breaks, Next Page to add another segment break near the bottom of page 2.

4. After inserting section breaks, select the Layout option or page layout and then Orientation > Landscape . You will see the content in between two sections breaks changed to Landscape Mode.

In essence the only thing you need for a single page Landscape in Word document is to include the contents of the page within two section breaks . This will permit you to change the orientation of the particular page to Landscape mode.

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