September 28, 2022
Reopen Closed Tabs

How to Reopen Closed Tabs In Google Chrome

If you accidentally closed a vital browser tab or you want to restart recently closed browser tabs Below, you can find several methods to reopen closed Tabs within the Google Chrome Browser.

Reopen Closed Tabs in Google Chrome

Google Chrome Browser does not support overflowing tabs. This causes tabs to shrink in size and becoming difficult to distinguish when you begin opening more browser tabs on Google Chrome.

In the end, there is an point at which tabs begin overlaid and hiding behind other, making it impossible to open new tabs.

According to Google the company acknowledges the issue but has decided not to implement the feature of overflowing tabs in Chrome because of usability issues.

We decided not to choose an overflow menu or a scrolling tab strip as we do in other browsers, because we believe that there could be other issues that come with these approaches. – Ben Goodger, Chromium Blog

There are a variety of methods to open tabs that have been closed inside Google Chrome that you can utilize to open closed tabs again within the Google Chrome browser.

1. Open Closed Tab in Chrome Using Right-click

A simple method to open closed tabs within Google Chrome on your Windows computer or Mac is to utilize an integrated “Reopen Closed Tab” option that is available in Chrome.

1. Open Chrome browser then right-click anywhere on the Tab Bar and select the Reopen Closed Tab alternative.

Then, you will be able to open the last webpage that you closed in the Chrome browser.

2. To open the next tab, right-click the Tab Bar again , and click the Reopen Closed Tab option.

Similar to that, you can click on the tab bar with a right-click to open additional web pages that you have previously closed.

2. Open Closed Tab in Chrome Using Keyboard Shortcut

The easiest method of reopening an open tab on Google Chrome is using the keyboard shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+T.

1. Open Chrome browser and then press CTRL+SHIFT+T keys on your keyboard PC. This will start your Last Tab that you had closed in the Chrome browser.

2. Similarly, you can continue pressing CTRL+SHIFT+T in order to open any of the tabs that you have closed previously.

Note: Mac users can make use of the key combination COMMAND+SHIFT+T to open tabs that are closed within Google Chrome.

3. Open Closed Tabs in Chrome Using History Page

Google Chrome browser keeps a history of the websites you browse on your PC. You can use this feature built into Google Chrome to restore tabs that you accidentally closed.

1. Open Chrome browser and press CTRL+H keys on the computer’s keyboard.

2. On Chrome History Page select the website you would like to reopen.

Note: Mac users can make use of the COMMAND + Y key combination to open Chrome History Page.

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