September 25, 2022
Setup New Samsung Galaxy Phone

How to Setup New Samsung Galaxy Phone

Samsung Phones are a popular Android Phone due to their outstanding specs, modern design, and brand value. Below are the steps for setup new Samsung Galaxy Phone.

SetUp New Samsung Galaxy Phone

Samsung Galaxy Phones come in a variety of models. However, they all have the same User Interface. The process to setup any Samsung Phone is much the same.

It is essential that you setup new Samsung Galaxy phone correctly the first time. This will ensure that you get the most out of your phone. This guide will show you how to setup new Samsung Galaxy Phone.

Note that Steps may differ depending on which version of Android you have installed.

1. Cover the back and place Sim Card and Battery.

After unboxing your Samsung Galaxy Phone, you will need to remove the back cover. Next, place the Sim Card and battery in the respective slots.

You can insert a Micro SD Memory card into your phone’s slot if it supports expandable storage. You will find the Micro-SD card slot immediately above your SIM card slot.

Be sure to insert the SIM card in the correct slot, with the gold contacts facing you and the card’s angled corner positioned correctly

2. Power ON the Phone

Once you have placed the Sim Card and battery, turn on your phone by pressing the Power button. When the phone vibrates, or the Samsung logo appears on the screen, press the Power button.

3. Choose a Language

Select a Language when prompted and then tap on the Start or Arrow button.

To set TalkBack, Voice Access (allows to control your phone with voice), or increase the text size, tap on Accessibility.

4. Register to Wi-Fi Network

Next, choose your WiFi network and sign-in with your WiFi Network Password.

5. Accept the Terms and Conditions

Signing into WiFi network will present you with the “End User License Agreement”, which is an agreement between software owner (you) and user.

Tap Next to accept the Terms and Conditions. Next, tap Agree on the popup that appears.

6. Tap and Go to Transfer Data from Your Old Phone

You can transfer your data easily from an old phone to a new one using the “Tap and Go” feature.

Tap & Go can be used on Samsung Phones with Android 5.0 or higher. This guide explains how to use Tap & Go.

You can choose to skip the data transfer step by clicking on the Skip option.

Note: Data can be transferred from an Old Phone to a New Phone using a backup.

7. Sign into your Google Account

Next, you will be asked to sign in to your Google Account. Enter your Gmail Address & Password.

You can tap on the Create a Google Account link, or on Skip to go to the next screen if you don’t have one.

Notification: You won’t have the ability to download apps from Google Play Store, or use Google services such as Google Maps, and Google Hangouts.

8. Accept these Terms and Conditions

Next screen: You will be asked to accept the Terms and Conditions. Tap on Accept in the bottom right corner.

9. Choose a Payment Method

You will be asked to choose a payment option if you are new to Android or have not set up a payment system before.

Tap on Next to continue. Select ‘Remind me Later’ if you don’t want to set up a payment method and click on Next to continue.

Please note that Paid apps cannot be purchased without setting up a payment method.

10. Set date and time

Next, you’ll be asked to choose your Time Zone. This will set your Samsung Galaxy Phone’s date and time automatically. You can also manually enter the date or time on your Samsung Galaxy Phone.

11. Register for your Apps and Data Screen

You will see the ‘Get Your Apps & Data Screen’ if there are multiple devices that use the same Google Account. This screen allows to you to restore your Android Phone from a backup.

This is very useful if you need the exact same data and settings as your current Android Phone.

This screen will allow you to select the backup you wish to restore and the apps you want to transfer to your new device. By default, all applications will be checked.

12. Accept the Google Services Terms and Conditions

Next screen, you’ll be asked to accept Google Services terms. The following options will then be presented:

  • Backup Phone’s Data, Apps, and Other Information to Google Account: This will stop Google from backing your phone up to your Google Account.
  • Use Google’s location services: This option will ask you if you are happy to let other apps have access to your location, and if you wish to send anonymous data to Google.
  • Help improve location services: This option allows you to choose whether apps or services should scan Wi-Fi networks.
  • Improve Android Experience: This option will ask if you would like to send diagnostic data and usage data to Google in order to improve the Android Experience.

After you have completed checking these options, click on Next to move on to the next step.

13. Register for your Samsung Account, or create a new one

Now you will be asked to sign into your Samsung Account, or create a new account with your Google ID.

You can create a Samsung Account by tapping on Create Account.

You can skip creating a Samsung Account if you don’t want to.

Notification: You can use your Samsung phone without a Samsung Account. However, you won’t have access to Samsung’s Locate Your Lost Device app or other Samsung apps.

14. Accept the Samsung Terms and Conditions

After you have completed your login details, you will need to again agree to these terms.

  • Terms and conditions and special terms: You must check this option if you wish to proceed to the next step.
  • Samsung Privacy Policies: You must also check this option if you wish to proceed to the next step.
  • Data Combination Policy You can either deny it or continue to the next step.

15. Selected Phones: Set Wake-up Command

You may be asked to set up additional features depending on the phone.

Wake up Command: With this feature, you can control your phone using your voice. You can make calls or open apps with voice commands.

16. Optional: Setup easy mode

This is an optional step, and users have the option to set up Easy Mode. The Easy Mode makes text and icon sizes larger and simplifies the design on the home screen.

This concludes the setup process for your Samsung phone. We hope that you enjoyed the article and have a wonderful time using your Samsung phone.

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