September 25, 2022
Speed Up Android Phone

How to Speed Up Android Phone Using Developer Options

The Android Phone has hidden settings that you can access to speed up the performance of your device than it has ever. If this sounds intriguing you should read on and review the steps for speeding Up Android Phone or Tablet.

Speed Up Android Phone

It’s a fact that hardware specs alone can’t help a device to run faster. Graphics and Software are a major factor in how fast a phone or tablet. This is evident from Apple devices, which run extremely efficiently, in part because of their highly designed Software and Graphics.

One of the advantages of Android gadgets is the fact that they run the open-source Android OS that allows anyone to alter or tweak the software in order to obtain more efficient results.

To keep this in mind in mind, each Android Phone and Tablet has Developer Options that aren’t accessible to normal users. It is simple to activate Developer Options on the majority of Android devices and access the hidden Developer Menu.

After you have accessed the Developer Options Next step is to adjust 3 sets of Settings which regulate how fast you can watch Animations that you can use on Your Android Phone. Although it might be a bit surprising be, tweaking Animation settings can nearly triple the speed of Animations on your Phone and result in a more efficient Android Phone.

Steps to Speed Up Android Phone or Tablet

Follow the steps below to Enable Developer Options on your Android Phone and then tweak the Animation settings from the developer menu to boost the speed of the performance of your Android Phone or Tablet.

1. From the Home Screen of your Android Phone or Tablet, select Settings.

2. On the Settings screen, scroll to the bottom and then click on the”About Device (About phone) option.

Notice: The equivalent tab for “About Device” on HTC and LG phones is “Software Information”

3. On the About screen scroll to the Build Number.

4. Now, start tapping Build Number until you get an alert message that says “You are X steps away from being a Developer”.

NOTE: In case of Xiaomi Phones you’ll be able to tap “MIUI Version”, instead of the Build Number.

5. Keep tapping on the Build Number until you get the “You Are Now a Developer” Pop-up. For the majority of Android phones you’ll be tapping around seven times before you become a Developer.

6. After becoming a Developer, return to the Settings screen by clicking on the Back Arrow (See image below)

7. Once you are back on the Settings screen, scroll to the bottom and click on Developer Options.

Notice: On some Android phones, you may have to select Options > Other Settings in order to access Developer Options.

8. On the Developer Options screen scroll down until you see the list of 3 Animation Settings: Windows Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale and Animation Duration Scale. By default, all of these settings is changed to 1X (See the image below)

9. First, tap on Windows Animation Scale.

10. On the next screen, you can change the Windows Animation Scale from its default value of 1X to .5x (See the image below).

11. Similarly, tap on the Transition Animation, the Animator Duration Scale, and then change the Animation Scale values to .5X.

Modifying Animation Scale values to .5X makes Animations displayed on the Android Phone display almost twice faster than they did before which makes the Android Phone way faster than it has ever been before.

If you’re looking to get an even faster Android Phone, you can choose to turn off animation in Windows Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale and the Animator Duration Scale (See the image below).

As you’ve probably realised turning your Animation Scale to OFF means that you’ll be unable to view any animations in Your Android Phone. But, turning off Animations will definitely make your phone more responsive and is an option for older Android phones that may be getting painfully slow.

More Ways to Speed Up Android Phone or Tablet

Over time lots of junk gets in the storage on Your Android Phone – unwanted photos and videos, Screenshots that aren’t needed anymore and all kinds of downloads that you might not have heard of.

Eliminating all unnecessary files out of the Storage on your device could be beneficial to the performance that you can enjoy the speed of your Android phone, and can also provide additional storage space for items that truly must be saved within Your Android Phone.

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