September 25, 2022
Cellular Data on Android Phone

How to Stop Apps From Using Cellular Data on Android Phone

Certain apps may utilize Cellular Data on your Android device, even when they’re not employed. It is, however, simple to spot and block or stop Apps from using costly Cellular data on Android Phone.

Block apps from using Cellular Data on Android Phone

The majority of Social Media Apps such as Twitter, Facebook and others are prone to stay in constant contact with their parent servers to provide new updates.

This happens in the background. These applications will continue to use your expensive cell data even when they’re not being actively used.

Based on the In accordance with your Plan depending on your Data Plan, you can Restrict All Apps from using Cellular Data or restrict Specific Apps from using Cellular Data on Android Phone.

Check Which Apps Are Using Excessive Cellular Data

You can determine which apps consume a lot of Cellular Data on Android Phone by visiting Settings > Data Usage.

On the Data Usage Screen, switch to the Mobile tab. You will be able to view Apps displayed in order of data Usage.

You can observe from the above image In the above image, the Apps that consume the largest amounts of data appear on high on the chart.

For more information click on the App you’re interested in. In the next screen, you’ll be able view the Data that the app uses to perform Background and Foreground activities.

As you can see in the below image Twitter uses more than twice the amount of data to track Background activities than they do for their active use (foreground activites).

Like Twitter in the above example there are other applications like Facebook and Skype that consume a lot of Cellular data to support background activities.

Stop applications from using Cellular Data for Background Activities

You can prevent apps from making use of Cellular Data for Background activities by selecting settings > data usage.

When you are on the screen “Data Usage Make sure that you are on the Mobile tab. Select the application for which you wish to restrict background Data.

Next screen shift your toggle to the Restrict Mobile Data to OFF position.

You’ll need repeat the above steps for any other Apps which consume large amounts of Cellular Data for background activities.

This will stop Apps from using costly Cellular Data to perform background tasks and will be compelled to carry out background activitiesonly when your device is connected to a WiFi Network.

Blocks all Apps from using Cellular Data

If you’re in the middle of the Limited Data Plan, you might want to consider deactivating Cellular Data for all Apps on your Android Phone.

Click settings > data usage. The next screen will appear change to Mobile tab, and then tap More (or the 3 dots icon) found in the upper-right edge of the screen.

In the menu that appears, select the Restrict Background Data option.

When you see the confirmation screen click OK to restrict background data for all apps that you use on the Android Phone.

As you can see from the this pop-up message, turning off background data can prevent certain applications from functioning correctly if you’re not connected to the WiFi network.

If this is a problem for you, you may want to think about disabling the use Cellular Data for background activities for certain Apps instead of restricting Cellular Data for all apps.

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