September 27, 2022
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How to Transfer PowerPoint Presentations to iPad or iPhone

To access PowerPoint slides on iPad You will need to transfer PowerPoint documents in the format of PPT from your computer to iPad. Below are the steps required to Transfer PowerPoint Presentations onto iPad and iPhone.

Transfer PowerPoint Presentations to iPad or iPhone

All that’s required to transfer PowerPoint Presentations from a PC to an iPad and iPhone requires you to link to your iOS device to your computer and use iTunes or documents App and PowerPoint App for transferring PowerPoint files to iPhone.

iTunes requires to have been installed on your PC as well as Documents App or PowerPoint app must be installed on your device. Documents App or PowerPoint App is required to have been installed to your iOS device.

When it comes to computing is involved, the device could be either Mac or PC since the method to transfer PPT files onto iPhone is much or more the same for the Mac or Windows PC.

Transfer PowerPoint files from your the PC onto iPhone or iPad

Install and download The Documents App for your iPad/iPhone then follow these steps to move PowerPoint presentation documents from your PC on to iPhone and iPad.

1. Connect iPhone to the USB Port of your computer.

2. Open iTunes on your PC and then click the Phone icon, which appears in the menu bar of iTunes.

3. Next, click on File Sharing in the side menu, then select Keynote or Documents App and then click the Add File.

4. On the next screen, go to the where you have the PowerPoint File on your PC. Select the PowerPoint file you would like to transfer to your iPhone and then click Open.

5. Next, make sure that the Presentation File option is selected before clicking Done.

After you click Done Once you click on Done, the PowerPoint File in PPT Format will be uploaded onto the iOS gadget (iPhone or iPad).

How to View PowerPoint Presentations on iPad or iPhone

After the PowerPoint File is downloaded into the iOS device, you will be able to use the following steps to launch and view your PowerPoint presentation on the iPad as well as iPhone.

1. Open the Documents App on your iPhone.

2. Once the App is opened, click on iTunes Files.

3. On the next screen, you can tap on the Presentation File.

When the PowerPoint file is opened when you open it in the Documents App then you’ll be able view your PowerPoint presentation using an iPad or iPhone as you would on your PC.

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