September 24, 2022
Spam Call Blockers

8 Spam Call Blockers for Android and iPhones: Stop Robocalls, Telemarketing, and Phishing

The digital revolution has changed the world. It has expanded its reach to benefit the common good. Every new technology is now easily accessible to consumers. It has increased efficiency and reduced time, as well as the cost. Recent ML technologies make it possible for businesses to place multiple calls at once. It is easy to extract the data from the internet and place a bot-call. This has allowed businesses to reach more people. This has led to increased engagement. It’s annoying, but it’s still engaging.

Some people are annoyed by the spam calls they receive.

Spam calls have increased due to the corona pandemic. Fraudsters are in danger due to the shift of work from a remote base. They bombard calls with constant spam. Many people are glued to their phones and spend a lot of time in their homes. This makes them more vulnerable to spam traps.

These calls are designed to bombard users with sales pitches and sell services. It’s as if you’re walking in the streets and someone is following you. You will be bombarded with special offers. These scam calls are designed to invade your privacy.

They also try to steal personal information and commit scams. Apart from spam calls, you will also find Telemarketing and Phishing.

What is the solution?

These mobile apps will help you stay safe thanks to them.


YouMail uses intelligent technology to detect spam calls or robocalls.

When such calls occur, it plays an ‘Out-of-service message’. The algorithm matches the incoming number to a list with spam numbers. When there is an incoming phone call, it asks users to provide spam or inappropriate numbers. It can also identify missed calls. You can also leave a personal voice message. When an incoming call is made, this message will be rung up. A lively greeting can be used to greet others.

YouMail also offers a premium service to the user. Its paid service provides features like:

  • You can also add a second number. You can send it directly to voicemail or forward it to your cell phone.
  • Auto attendant and call routing
  • Automated text messages
  • Free conference calls with automated recordings

Availability – iOS & Android


Unknown numbers often call us.

We aren’t sure if it is a spam call or a work call. It seems dangerous to call this unknown number. To get rid of this problem, we offer UnknownPhone. You don’t have to worry about unidentified calls.

You can report harassment calls. You can also report spam calls to other users. Leave a comment to let UnknownPhone take away all your stress.

Availability – iOS & Android

Blacklist for Calls

This Android app blocks messages and calls. It blocks unwanted and harassing calls and texts. It provides a personal blacklist. You can add people to your blacklist and they will be blocked automatically if you are annoyed by the calls.

The Calls Blacklist App is available in the Play Store. This algorithm blocks robocalls. Enhanced caller ID also helps identify unknown numbers.

A built-in messenger allows for SMS blocking. It also blocks spam and other robo messages. This is the best solution available.

Android Availability


Hiya can be applied directly to certain mobile networks.

It blocks unwanted calls and offers options for reverse phone lookup and auto-blocking. It focuses on the first 6 digits in a phone number. These numbers are the basis of spam numbers. This filters out unwanted calls and messages.

Availability – iOS & Android


Truecaller has been a trusted and highly regarded spam prevention app. It has been a great help to the administration in solving many cases. Truecaller can identify the caller even before they appear. You will know that a call is coming before it even appears on your phone screen.

It provides information about unknown callers, and allows you to make a decision whether or not to accept them. It also gives you extensive call history.

You can choose to view your profile, and you will also receive a gold-colored badge ID symbol. Call blocking and caller ID features are available for free. Premium features include call recording and ad removal. You can also use Incognito mode. Ratings and reviews are highly recommended.

Availability – iOS & Android


CallApp frees you from all spam and telemarketing calls. This app’s best feature is its social media coverage. It will update your contacts via social media. This keeps you connected. It can identify a large number callers.


  • Caller ID identifies unwanted calls and telemarketers by identifying them as spammers.
  • Blocker-You can create your blacklist by calling Blocker. You can block any contact you wish and still remain anonymous.
  • Social Media – Your social media contacts will all be updated. Social media networks such as Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Android Availability


Are you annoyed by Robocalls

Nomorobo Robotocall Blocking premium app offers a 14-day trial. It is highly rated. It blocks spam texts and calls. It can identify robocallers. It hangs the call before you can receive it. This is possible with the help of the national do not call registry.

It is easy to use. Enter your details on the website. A mail will be sent to you with instructions on how to activate Nomorobo. You can now reject all robocalls and not bothering to answer. You have the option to either reject a call or to send a message.

Availability – iOS & Android

Contact Control

Call Control has become a popular platform for telemarketers and robocalls. It analyzes 12,000,000 members of the community and gives accurate results in a matter of seconds. It comes preloaded with features like CommunityIQ, which helps to generate Do Not Call complaints as well as Community reports.

Availability – iOS & Android


To save yourself from any malpractice, you can use the listed call blocking apps on your smartphone. You can avoid spammers and fraudsters!

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