September 26, 2022
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Stop Google Chrome Running in Background After Closing

Google Chrome browser can continue to run as background regardless of closing your browser. Below are the steps needed to stop Google Chrome Running in Background on your PC.

Google Chrome is running in background After Closing

The previous version of the Chrome browser provided an indication that it was active in the background. This was done by showing the persistent Chrome Icon in System Tray which is located in the lower-right corner of your desktop.

This made it simple for users to shut down Chrome to stop running in the background by clicking the right-click on Chrome Icon within the System Tray and choosing the Exit option from the context menu.

However, the latest version of the Chrome browser doesn’t provide any indication of running within the background.

In the latest version the only way to determine if Chrome is running as a background process in either your Mac or Windows PC is to check the settings of your browser on your PC.

Why Chrome runs in background After Closing?

If Chrome is active in the the background (after close of the browser) will depend on the kind of Apps and Chrome browser extensions that are installed on your PC.

Some extensions and applications are built-in to run in background to update their information and to send out notifications.

The Apps ask consent from their browser to keep in background mode and Google Chrome provides this permission for the majority of Apps and extensions purchased from the Chrome store.

It is possible to block your Chrome browser from running in the background after it has closed and using resources on your PC.

Do not allow Google Chrome Running in Background After the Closing

Follow these steps to prevent Chrome browser from running as a background application after you close your PC.

1. Open Chrome browser Click on the 3-dot menu icon and then select Settings from the drop-down menu.

2. On the Settings screen, scroll to the bottom and click Advanced.

3. In Advanced settings scroll down to the “System” section. Disable Background apps to continue running in the event that Google Chrome is closed option by switching the toggle to the OFF position.

4. Close the browser window and then re-launch Chrome browser in your device.

In the following days, you’ll no longer see Google Chrome remaining active on your computer after the browser window has been shut off.

Set up Chrome running in the background on your Computer

Any time, you can turn on the option to let Chrome browser to execute apps in the background. Go on to Chrome Settings > Advanced

After that, scroll down to the “System section. You can enable the Background apps to continue running in the event that Google Chrome is closed option by moving the toggle to the ON.

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