September 25, 2022
full form of BASIC

What is the full form of BASIC

BASIC is one of the simplest and earliest high-level programming language supports in all operating systems. John G. Kemeny and Thomas E. Kurtz designed original BASIC language DartmouthBasic in 1964, with the purpose that all students should be able to use the computers in every field. As at that time, use of computer requires custom software which was not easy to learn for ordinary people. With the introduction of BASIC, people started developing custom software on their personnel computer for their business, profession, etc. Nowadays, BASIC is only used to teach the fundamentals of programming. It uses numbers like 10, 20, 30 in the starting of each line to process the instructions.

QuickBasic (QB) is the compiler for the BASIC developed by Microsoft in 1985 which runs mainly on DOS.

BASIC: Beginner’s All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code.


DartmouthBasic was implemented under their direction by a team of students of Dartmouth College. It was mainly designed for the people who were not from the mathematical background.

Earlier it was made available free of cost for the language to become popular. To promote the language among students they made it available in schools. In 1960s it became chargeable.


Visual Basic (VB) came into existence in 1991 by Microsoft. It was an evolution of QuickBasic including many other languages.

BASIC, treated as a beginner’s language was helpful in creating small applications and was considered very much stable.

Microsoft introduced VBScript in 1996 and Visual Basic .NET in 2001 which resembles Java and C# but have syntax that of original basic language.


Earlier versions:

  • QB64
  • FreeBASIC
  • RapidQ
  • Basic For QT
  • Gambas

Modern versions:

  • PureBasic
  • PowerBASIC
  • Xojo
  • Monkey X
  • True BASIC
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